It was Feb 20 2013, and Miami Florida Native, Fortune had one thing on his mind, Be the father that his now 1 year old son could be proud of. At 330 lbs he knew if he wanted to be around to watch his son grow he had to live better. 365 days and 84 .lbs later, he has had a complete transformation. With the encouragement of his friends, and determined to maintain his new found success, He sought after the guidance of Dr. Lulu Roberts. Through her, he was able to dive into the world of Nutrition adding a valuable insight to his already impressive resume. After training many clients in the Charleston, South Carolina area, he noticed that many of the difficulties of his clients lie outside of the gym. Knowing the difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while balancing the demands of everyday life he found a new calling. Released January, 2016 “You Are What Your Kids Eat, ” provides parents a how to guide to prevent household obesity. Passionate about changing the narrative, Fortune’s only purpose is to help you Fortify Your Temple, Brick by Brick.

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